Monday, December 19, 2016

Stepping Out Of the Box

  I've never been in the box, is the comment from a near relative! But as far as my artistic endeavors go I am stepping out in a way. Stepping in to uncharted waters. A place that doesn't feel so safe but at the same time I am full of excitement now each time I pick up a pencil or brush to start a new piece.
  I have totally freed myself of all expectations. I let the paint lead me where it wants to go. i told someone asking about the steps I take, or the process I use, that I was letting the painting talk to me. They wanted to know if I talked back...funny people!  Of course I talk back!
  I will give you a glimpse of the latest painting and still have much to do before it will be finished. It hasn't stopped whispering to me yet. Hey I could be the paint whisperer!
She must have had something to say!XL
   I assume she had something to say and hopefully by the time I finish this painting I will have told her story. I will update you with the finished piece and would love to hear your thoughts on her story!
  So until next time, enjoy life and tell your story!


Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Journal…

I continue to work on the artist journal. Some days are good, others not so great. But, it is having the desired effect as far as keeping my goals as an artist and person close to mind. I worry that it takes away the time I could spend on painting though. A balance I guess is the key.

I worked at the gallery yesterday and started a painting I had high hopes for, but hopes were dashed as the day progressed. I sat and stared at it this morning for an hour. No amount  of staring and speaking ill made it look any better, so I jump from my chair, grabbed the Gesso and it is now forever gone. Once again, I will say the words, don't get in a hurry! Oh, how many times have I said these words to myself and didn't listen. A new goal for this year. Take the time needed to plan a painting…no more jumping in before it's time.

Another goal, one which is very time consuming and hard, finishing my website and finishing this blog. I am not a computer whiz by no stretch of the imagination. So it is slow go, but I do hope to continue to work on them both.

It is time to start a new day, hope you all have a wonderful day.


Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year

The new year is here and with it my mind swirls with new emotions, dreams for the future and most of all goals to accomplish this year. As with most resolutions the hard part is staying motivated. To help with that I started an art journal last night where I will keep a running list of goals for this year. It will also be a place to keep in touch daily with art whether it be sketching or painting. A place for ideas and practice. I am full of hope that this will be the thing that will keep me focused on my goals as an artist and my daily walk through this life. Happy New Year…let us make art!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A New Beginning...

It is almost the New Year and a new beginning. As so many, I too have a list of resolutions of change for the coming new year. The biggest has to do with my world of art and what I intend to accomplish this year. I intend to jump whole hearted into my world of creating. Until now it has always played second fettle to family and responsibilities of work and home. This year shall be about me and my art! 

The big question is how to start. I suppose I have just started…I am posting on my blog! I am also working on a website, which I will admit is slow go for me. Nothing, and I repeat nothing seems to be as simple as the site makes it out to be. If they had their way I would have it up and going in a few hours, but not so for me. I have been working on it for weeks if not months and still it sets in the dark unpublished.

I have been working but not one piece has made me smile with the joy of accomplishment yet, which makes the website much more difficult. And this brings me to the new year with a determination to examine my work to date and explore a new direction. One unfettered by the past or future influences of other artist. I plan to travel this road alone.I hope to finally find my groove, as it were, in producing paintings that are truly and completely a reflection of me. 

So this is my start, my new beginning…..